Asthma and Sports

Even though it is winter, children need to get out, play, and participate in sports. We often see children who are having symptoms of exercise induced asthma during the winter because the cold and the exercise can both be triggers....

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Child with Asthma Walking into School

Sending Your Child to School with Asthma

If your child has asthma, sending them to school doesn’t have to be scary. With the proper precautions, teaching, and planning, you and your child will be well-equipped for asthma attacks and triggers. Stepping Stone Pediatrics is lucky to have...

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Young Child with Asthma Running

Traveling Tips for Asthma & Allergy Patients

Whether you are traveling by air, sea, or land, it’s imperative you take the proper precautions to prevent an asthma attack or an allergic reaction. Before your trip, it’s best to schedule a checkup with Stepping Stone Pediatrics to discuss...

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My Asthma Medications

Asthma can be a serious problem for many of our young patients, and the list of medications available to help provide relief can be intimidating. To try to help parents sort through the many different options that are available to...

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Springtime Allergy Remedies

Does your child suffer from spring time allergy symptoms like nasal congestion, runny nose, or watery eyes? We are often asked when the best time to start your child’ allergy medications. The best time for you to start your daily...

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Allergy & Asthma: An Overview

Air is filled with dust, pollen, and several other pollutants. While the majority of adults and children may be unaffected, these contaminants can make life miserable for children with asthma and allergies. Allergies and asthma are by far the most...

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