We’re all hearing a lot about COVID-19 nowadays and we wanted to update our patients and parents about what we are doing at Stepping Stone Pediatrics to help navigate this difficult situation.

We recognize that just because COVID-19 is in the news 24/7, that doesn’t mean every other illness is “on hiatus.”  We are committed to being there for you for whatever may ail your child, not just Coronaviruses. Therefore, here are some of the measures we will be implementing during the current crisis:

  1. All SSP staff members will be wearing an N-95 mask to prevent them from contracting the COVID-19 infection and eliminating, to the extent possible, the transmission of the infection to any patients.

  2. We will continue to see our patients for their Well Child Checks.  We are blessed to have our sick and well waiting areas separated by roughly 50’ and even our two central bathrooms are separated by over 8 feet, which is well beyond the limits of “close contact.”

  3. Please limit your entourage to the patient him/herself and ONE caregiver, if possible.

We truly appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to meet the challenges of the current crisis.  Working together, we’ll get through this.