My Asthma Medications

Asthma can be a serious problem for many of our young patients, and the list of medications available to help provide relief can be intimidating. To try to help parents sort through the many different options that are available to providers to treat your child’s asthma, Meg Graves, one of our Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioners at Stepping Stone Pediatrics with a special interest and training in Asthma and Allergy, has put together a short list that may be helpful:

A List of Medications used in treating Asthma

  • Rescue or Short Acting Medications
    • Albuterol
      • Is a broncodilator which helps relax the smooth muscle around the bronchi (the tubes) in the lungs. It is not a steroid.
      • Comes as an inhaler examples are Proair, Proventil and or in a nebulizer form
    • Xopenex
      • Is a broncodilator like albuterol which helps relax the smooth muscle around the bronchi in the lungs. It does not typically make you as jittery as albuterol can It is not a steroid
      • Comes as an inhaler or in a nebulizer form
    • Atrovent (Ipratropium bromide)
      • Is a different type of bronchodilator, also helps decrease the amount of mucus in the lungs
      • Comes as an inhaler or in a nebulizer form
  • Daily or Long term Medications
    • Inhaled Steroids
      • Is a steroid so it helps reduce the swelling in the lungs which also reduces the amount of mucus that is produced in the lungs
      • Comes as an inhaler, disc, or in a nebulizer form
    • Combined inhaled steroid and long acting B agonist
      • Has a long acting bronchodilator and a steroid
      • Comes as a disc or inhaler
    • Leukotriene receptor antagonist (Singulair)
      • reduces one of the chemicals that the body produces when it is exposed to a trigger so it breaks a step in the cycle therefore reducing swelling and mucus production
      • Is a powder, chewable tablet or tablet

Feel free to call us to schedule a consultation with Meg in her Asthma/Allergy Clinic to help keep your child happy and active and reduce the impact of asthma and allergy symptoms on their busy lives!



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