Keep Your Kids Healthy During Fall Sports

Fall is an exciting time for sports. From football and soccer to cheerleading and swimming, your kids are probably getting ready to get back in the game with weekday practices and fresh uniforms. Help your kids get physically prepared for fall sports with these simple health tips from the kid experts at Stepping Stone Pediatrics in Atlanta, Ga.

Plan Healthy Meals

One of the best things you can do for your star athlete is to plan healthy meals throughout the week. Fit in a lot of lean protein sources, fruits, and vegetables. The healthier they eat, the easier it will be to give it their all during practice and games. Starchy or sugary foods may give immediate energy, but will cause a ‘sugar crash’ later on, leaving them feeling sluggish and lethargic.

Don’t Forget About Water

Dehydration happens more often than you realize, especially in this Georgia heat. To protect your child from heat exhaustion or dehydration, always ensure they have a full water bottle. For your easily distracted kiddos, a gentle reminder to take a few sips may be a good idea, especially during practice and games.

Keep Kids Active During the Off-Season

Keeping your kids active, even when they’re not on the field, can help make the transition into fall sports an easier process. If they’ve spent the summer as a comfy couch potato, getting back into the swing of weekday practices and games may get off to a rough start. Encourage your kids to play outside (with sunscreen and bug spray) during the summer or enroll them in a fun sports camp to keep them active.

Wear the Right Safety Equipment

The right sports gear is crucial for your child’s safety. If their equipment isn’t brand new, inspect it for any cracks or wear and tear. Cracked helmets, poor fitting padding, or shoes with a lot of wear and tear should be replaced. Check with your coach or league to figure out what equipment is needed.

Recognize Injuries and Respond Accordingly

From sprains to concussions, it’s important to recognize the signs of a sports injury. When you go in for a sports physical at the beginning of the season, ask your child’s pediatrician what typical signs of concussion and injury are. If you see any of these signs or symptoms, seek the appropriate medical care, whether that includes emergency care or a visit to your pediatrician.

Contact Stepping Stone Pediatrics for Fall Sports Care and Physicals

Get your child ready for the fall sports season with a fall physical at Stepping Stone Pediatrics in Cobb County. From nutrition counseling to well checkups, we’ll help make sure your kid is ready to get in the game. Contact us today at 770-515-9000 to schedule an appointment.



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