How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in a Healthy Way

healthy valentines dayThis Valentine’s Day, indulge your little sweethearts without causing/contributing to massive sugar overload by trying out some or all of the following tips.

  1. For your child’s school Valentine’s party, send in colored pencils, cool erasers, stick on tattoos, or bubbles as tokens of their friendship.
  2. Don’t tempt your child with sweets. Instead, write them a sweet note or poem (on really fancy paper) and hide it. Then, send them on a scavenger hunt to find it.
  3. Your time is one of the most meaningful gifts that you can give. Plan a picnic (that involves a hike), gather wood together for an outdoor bonfire, or go to a rock-climbing wall.
  4. Make your own Valentine’s Day treats together (recipe follows).


Valentine’s Day Sun Catchers

You will need:
Pony Beads
Muffin tin (of your choice)

Melt beads in tin in 400 degree oven. Once melted, remove from oven and allow to cool to room temperature and pop out. Punch a hole in the top, tie a pretty ribbon, and stick it to a card-stock paper with a Valentine’s message!

On a personal note (from recent experience), DO NOT use silicone baking cups/dishes as they will catch fire! However, my daughter will always remember the night we made a fire in the oven!!!




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