Well Child Checkup

Childhood is a time for rapid change and growth. It’s important to have regularly scheduled visits and checkups (“Well Child Checks). Well Child Checks begin shortly after birth and last throughout your child’s teenage years. These visits allow Dr. Kim and the Stepping Stone medical team to keep a close eye on your child’s development and general health.

What Is a Well Child Check?

At Stepping Stone Pediatrics, the goal of the Well Child Check is to find and prevent problems. Each visit includes a comprehensive physical exam where your child’s growth and development will be examined. Our staff will record your child’s weight, height, and other vital signs as well as administer vision, hearing, and other screening tests when indicated. These appointments provide you with the opportunity to talk to one of our experienced and knowledgeable providers about ways to prevent future problems and keep your child happy and healthy.

Well Child Check Schedule

After your child is born, we will usually want to see your child within the first week, often within a day or two of bringing your baby home. Following the initial visit, the recommended Well Child Check schedule looks like this:

• Two to Four weeks
• Two months
• Four months
• Six months
• Nine months
• Twelve months
• Fifteen months
• Eighteen months
• Two years
• Two and a half years
• Three years
• Annually until they turn 21

Information Covered at Well-Child Checkups

At your Well Child Check, we will provide information on a wide variety of subjects affecting the wellness of your child. Some of the most common topics covered include:

• Parental questions
• Developmental milestones
• Diet and Nutrition
• Sleep
• Safety
• Immunizations
• What to expect as your child grows

Our experienced medical team will pay special attention to how your child is growing in contrast to typical developmental milestones. Your child’s weight, height and other measurements are all recorded on a special growth chart, which stays in your child’s medical record. In order to get the most out of your visit, make sure to write down any questions or concerns you have about your child’s growth and development. Speaking to the Stepping Stone Pediatrics medical team is an excellent place to receive expert answers to your questions.

Schedule Your Well-Child Checkup Today

In addition to all of the inherent benefits of well-child checkups, these visits allow you to form a trusting relationship with your pediatrician. Contact Stepping Stone Pediatrics today to schedule your child’s next Well Child Check!



Love Dr. Kim! One of the most genuine and thorough doctors I know. I have absolute trust in him when it comes to my children's health.
- Elizabeth Q.

The entire staff is just awesome, kind, honest, helpful. It is always a great experience even with sick kiddos!
- Marlo M.

Wonderful practice, wonderful providers, wonderful office staff! Knowledgeable, loving, and kind!
- Vanessa M.